algebra 2

posted by gabs

how do u factor 5w^2-35w+60=0
if u could...can y plz explain it..i keep getting 3 ansers instead of 2

  1. Michael

    Start by factoring out a 5 from each term. What do you come up with?

  2. gabs

    i got 5(w^2-7w+12) that right?..and then do i factor the middle?...but when i did i get 3 answers

  3. Michael

    Yes, that's good.

    You're going to want something in the form (__ + __)(__ + __)
    One or both of the signs could be negative, though.

    Look at the 12. What are its two closest factors? When added, do they equal 7?

    You can check yourself by using the FOIL method after you come up with your factorization. Now, what do you get?

  4. Michael

    I should mention that you are ignoring the 5 now and working solely with w^2-7w+12.

  5. gabs

    i got 5(w-3)(w-4)...that i totally i put 5=0 w-3=0 and w-4=0...hmm...i see wat i did last question wat do i do with the 5=0?

  6. Michael

    You just ignore the 5, as 5 cannot equal 0. Your answers are just w = 3 and w = 4.

  7. Anonymous

    thank u very very much...that helped ALOT

  8. Michael

    Glad to help. :)

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