to mrs. sue: essay cont.

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I wrote two of my paragraphs yesterday about how colleges do offer life skills but students have to apply it.
These are my next two paragraphs and i was wondering if you can correct my grammar.

An example of a class offered in college that benefits students in their financial life is economics. In an economics class, students are educated about many life skills that will help them succeed in their future. Topics that are covered in this class are the economy of the U.S., role of government, economics of business and production, supply and demand, price, and banking & money. These topics all connect to most of the financial issues a student will face in his or her near future.

For example, learning about banking & money in an economics class is an essential topic to have knowledge on. Students learn about money, where money comes from, how banks work, how banks lend loan, and interest rates. All this pertains to a student’s life after college, because a majority of students after college have trouble paying off their loans. Despite of all this information being learned, this class won’t specifically explain how much one has to pay every month to prevent debt. However, when students walk out of this class on the last day, they will feel comfortable and be more familiar with banks than they were before.

thank you

  • to mrs. sue: essay cont. -

    price, and banking & money. Omit the comma after price; insert one after banking and change & to and.

    learning about banking & money Use of the ampersand (&) is not acceptable in a formal essay. Always spell "and."

    is an essential topic to have knowledge on. Omit the last four words in this sentence.

    how banks lend loan, Add an "s" to "loan."

    Despite of all this information being learned, Omit "being learned."

    You have a lot of good ideas. The only thing I'd add is that one of the purposes of a college education is to teach students how and where to find the information they need. For instance, I Googled household budget and found many useful sites.

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