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Le futur proche.

Are these correct?
-They are going to see the film.
Ils vont regarder le film.

-She is going to leave for work.
Elle va partir le travail.

-They are going to play sport.
Ils vont faire le sport.

-You are going to listen to music.
Tu vas ecouter la musique.

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    Bonjour! #1 is perfect. In #2 note "to leave FOR work" and there is a difference between "partir" and "sortir ."
    partir + infinitive = to leave in order to
    sortir = leave, exit, go out

    What you wrote says "she is going to leave work" but if you must say "to leave for work" = Elle va partir pour le travail.

    #3 "to play sport" = why not "jouer" and because it says sport (singular), but not "a" sport, the partitif = du sport.

    #4 Just accenrt on "écouter..."


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