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What is the conflict and compromise of the Persian Gulf War?

=D thank you.

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    Is a very good summary. Post your thoughts on the conflict and compromises and we will be happy to critique it.

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    well im pretty sure of the conflict part,the compromise is what I am having a hard time finding.
    The Gulf War was between Iraq and 35 nations which were all controlled and authorized by the United Nations. Kuwait and Iraq were mostly involved in the war fighting from the air then came back to Iraq's soil.

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    The compromise was that the UN forces devasted the IRAQ forces in the area, but chose not to continue to devistate the entire IRAQI military and government.

    The conflict started after Kuwait dumped a lot of oil onto the world market, in defiance of OPEC quotas, which collapsed the IRAQ economy...and, it was discovered, was doing slant drilling along the border into IRAQI oil fields. IRAQ invaded, and the war was on.
    The main event in the war was the ill trained and maintained IRAQ army, it totally failed to engage the enemy, and its weapons, especially air defense, were ill suited to the match.

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    I would like to point out that this war was caused by stealing oil, and using oil as an economic weapon. I am reminded of other wars that were unfinished, and errupted again. Texans like to brag they won their independence at the Battle of San Jacinto, but in fact, it was won in the next war....and California was thrown in as booty.


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