English (Does this sentence make sense?)

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17 years later, 150 pounds heavier and 5 ½ feet taller, I have gotten used the American way of things, living the majority of my life California and Seattle, Washington.

Does that make sense? I get a fragment line on Word.

Thank you for your help.

  • English (Does this sentence make sense?) -

    This would be better:

    Seventeen years later, 150 pounds heavier and 5 ½ feet taller, I have become used to the American way of doing things, having lived the majority of my life in California and Washington.

    Word may still tell you it's a fragment. Who knows why Word's grammar checker does what it does?! It's not a fragment.

    If you have question about the changes I made, let me know.


  • English (Does this sentence make sense?) -

    I like your way of phrasing things better. It flows a lot better.

    Thank you.

  • English (Does this sentence make sense?) -

    You're very welcome.


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