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Can somesome read this for me and give me any feedback that's necessary.

The first paper that I wrote was a narration paper this paper deals with joining a series of events within the first paper that I wrote I walk you through how you really cant trust in a professional atmosphere and I also walk you through how trusting changed my life how putting all my trust in the Dial corp. was ultimately my life changing experience in this paper I go into what thoughts were running through my head I tell you the story of the day that changed my life I take you step by step.
In the second paper that I wrote was a paper that tells how work ethics of people my age at the Dial corp. still remained high even though we had gone through all the rough things that we had gone through. In a sense the cause and effect of losing a job but yet still remained able to do the job we were expected to do a cause and effect paper is just what it is it is a paper that in a sense tells about what caused the issue and what happened after the cause was put in motion.
I think I met all the requirements for these papers I believe that my papers display what I was trying to get across the narrative in the first paper and cause and effect in the second. So in conclusion I believe that I wrote pretty good papers I know that I need a lot of work on my grammar as well as on my punctuation and a lot of work on my constant run on sentences I haven’t written in a long time and I was never really good at it. So I am really hoping that this class will be the one that I get the most from I really need to improve on my English as a whole. I know I looked over my paper but I would really learn from constructive as well as sensitive to my feelings criticism please.

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    Same comments as before:

    Fix all run-ons.
    Fix all capitalization errors.
    Fix other punctuation errors.

    As it is now, it's unreadable.

    Then repost!


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