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Would you please make sure that I
have chosen the best possible answer for each question?

1. In which one of the following
teaching approaches does the
teacher make all the decisions
regarding what,how,and when the
students perform?

A. Direct
B. Indirect
C. Guided discovery
D Exploration

2. In which one of the following
approaches do all the children
perform the same activity at the
same time using demonstration
and imitation?

A. Indirect
B. Direct
c. Exploration
D. Guided discovery

3. The most significant advantage of
the ________approach is the efficient
use of time.

A. guided discovery
B. exploration
C. direct
D. indirect

4. Which one of the following indirect
teaching methods involves convergent

A. Direct
B. Task-oriented
C. Guided discovery
D. Exploration

5. Which one of the following teaching
approaches is most suitable for
older preschoolers and primary
grade students?

A. Exploration
B. Direct
C. Task-oriented
D. Guided discovery

6. The teacher should never provide
the answer in the______________
teaching approach.

A. guided discovery
B. command
C. direct
D. task oriented

Here are my answers:

1. (A) Direct
2. (B) Direct
3. (C) direct
4. (C) Guided discovery
5. (D) Guided discovery
6. (A) guided discovery

If you think I have any wrong--please let me know!

Thank you!!

  • Early Child Ed. -

    Ms Sue is off on holiday. I agree with you, however, I have a problem with question 4, Guided Discovery is generally recognized to be able to involve convergent, and divergent, thinking.

  • Early Child Ed. -

    Are you saying question #4 is wrong?

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