greatest events after 1987

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List five events which have occurred after 1987 that you feel have most markedly altered your economic/technical future.

i have to come up with five things but i'm stuck. i'm researching on the internet but i can't find anything.

telephones and electricity changed my future but that was before 1987.

can you give me examples of greatest events after 1987 to present.

are ipods considered a greatest event? (see. i'm stuck)

how about bridges or roads.

P.S. I just want an example of only one event. i feel like i can come up with the others if i had something to work with.

thank you

  • greatest events after 1987 -

    *How about 9/11/2001 ?
    *The 5-4 supreme Court vote ending the recount of the 2000 Florida election
    *The Iraq war
    *The "tech wreck" stock market crash of 2000, and the slow and errasti recovery since then.
    *The decline in the value of the dollars in terms of Euros (aa reductiun of 50% in 4 years), and the rising proce of energy
    * The current subprime moprtgage crisis, which will lead to declning net worth, bankruptices and lost homes for many people
    * The rise of radical Islamism and the numbers of people willing to be suicide bombers

    It isn't clear to me whether wou want events that are most important to me personally and those most important to the nation and the world as a whole.

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