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I have to write this paper over the history of math, can you please give me some other websites that I can use? So far I have one website from wikipedia. Also, can you please read my introduction?

As of today, there are plenty of new developments in the area of Mathematics. However, the area of Mathematics didn’t develop overnight. Mathematics took many of years and different of people to make this area of study what it is today. The history of Mathematics has evolved so much that it has given students an insight of its history and roots through theorems and rules.

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    1. I'm wondering how you can write an introduction for a paper you haven't written yet. I wouldn't worry too much about this paragraph until you have the entire body of your paper written and revised. (The primary things I see in your introduction so far that need fixing are the use of correct prepositions and the need for some sentence combining.)

    2. I take it this is the article in Wikipedia you already have:
    Correct? If so, be sure to go to the very bottom of that webpage and read through all the "External Links." You should also print this article out and find as many of the titles listed in "Further Reading" at your local or college library.

    Please repost when you have more questions or have your paper ready for critiquing.


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