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When the war endend in 1485 what family took over the English throne?

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    Henry VII became king in 1485. Check this site to see which family he belonged to (House of ____).

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    i have a d in socilstudies can you sujest anything

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    Stephanie, I'm sorry you have a D in social studies. Paying close attention in class, asking questions when you don't understand, and carefully doing your assigned reading and homework will help. If you have a specific question, please click Post a New Question and type it. We'll be glad to help you figure it out.

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    This is the best set of study skills ideas online, IMHO. Work on these with your parents, and work on them systematically and diligently. There is no overnight cure, but if you put these ideas to work, over time your grades in all your classes will improve.


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    Thank you so much for answersing my question!!! I really needed it. Now I have another question.... What were the duties of a scribe? Hope you can help me.

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    Help ME!!!

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