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Biology- Amylase

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In our class, we are doing a hypothetical digestion of starch by amylase lab. I do not know where to begin with this following information. If I add Benedict's solution (which I know will change color when the presence of sugar is noted).
After all of these tubes are submerged in boiling water with Benedict's what would happen and why?
Tube A: Starch + saliva treated with HCI(acid)
Tube B: Starch + saliva and water, treated in a boiling water bath
Tube C: Starch + saliva

Thanks for any insight!

  • Biology- Amylase -

    Some thinking is involved here. Amylase is produced in saliva, and that breaks down long chain starches to simple sugars.
    Amylase, an enzyme, is deactivated by stomach acid, and by heat.

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