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About previous Physics post/answer from Bobpursely

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So do you mean to say....Ferris wheels use motors, therefore meaning that electrical energy is present. Electrical energy from the motor is then turned into kinetic energy. Electricity, generated from a switch and wires, travel through the motor which makes a magnetic field. In the copper coils and the magnet, there is already a magnetic field. So when the two magnetic fields come together, that makes the rotor rotate - which moves the Ferris wheel.

And then, on another note, other types of energy are gravitational potential energy, which is the energy stored in the what am I missing here (sorry if this seems dumb, I have so many assignments in physics all at once, that things are a little jumbled, I WANT to understand everything :) )

Again, thanks, much appreciated!


  • About previous Physics post/answer from Bobpursely -

    You have it. Friction of course is present, and squeeks and grinding noises, those are energy.

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