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Who are the Greek gods/goddesses that make the 12 members of the council? I think they were called the Olympians. I tried researching it online but websites are giving me different answers.

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    Thank you for using the Jishka Homework Help Forum. Part of the confusion could be that the same God or Goddess had one name in Greek and another in Roman.

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    I don't know which council you mean -- but the Olympians were the first Greek gods. The first site points out that the idea of 12 Olympians is a fairly modern idea. Because most of Greek mythology is based on oral traditions covering hundreds of years, there are going to be many discrepancies in the stories we read today.

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    And if you really want to see how confusing it can all get, be sure to find a copy of Robert Graves' book The Greek Myths. Sometimes you can find it in one volume, sometimes two.

    In addition to collecting all the stories in various versions, he also includes the different references for each one -- that is, in what story or poem or play the god or goddess or demigod or whoever is mentioned, either in brief or in a long passage.

    It's a fascinating book and a terrific reference.


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    P.S. Here's a nice online reference for Greek Gods:

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