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Who is Phineas Gage and how did his behavior change after the accident?

Could anyone help me with a report about behavioral repercussions od different brain injuries?

I have to pretend someone I know has a brain injury and create 5 journal entries describing the changes in their behavior and personality. It has to be a specific brain injury. Any help?

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    Is a good place to start.

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    I Googled brain injury and quickly found these informative sites.

    (Broken Link Removed)

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    After reading the articles you both have posted would it be correct to say that brain injuries like contusions and concussions don't cause dramatic or servere changes in behavior or personality but brain injuries like the one Phineus Gage suffered do cause personality and behavioral changes? This would help me decide which type of brain injury to write about. Does anyone have a suggestion on which brain injury to write on? Thank you for the help!

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    Contusions and concussions don't usually produce severe changes. But as the sites I recommended point out, each person and each brain injury is different.

    Please thoroughly research the first site I recommended for information about different kinds of brain injuries. Then you should be able to select one to write about.

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