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I'd like to know some expressions which a child use when he or she is at the bathroom or goes to the bathroom. For example, Nature calls me...etc. Would you let me know some more expressions? Such expressions wouldn't seem to be graceful.

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    It depends on the age of the child. Younger children are not equipped to be subtle.

    Older children will say, I need to go to the bathroom. My seven year old might add "really bad", as she waits until the last minute.

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    Speaking as a child, and you are correct in that they are NOT graceful!

    Have to go pee pee.
    Have to go wee wee.
    Gotta do number 1 (or number 2)
    Gotta use the bathroom.

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    1. I have got to do number one is to go pee pee?

    2. What is wee wee?

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    Whether you say the first or the 2nd they mean the same thing.

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