Cultural Diversity

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Would someone please check these two questins and my answers?

1.An example of ___________can be found
in the gradual immersion of early
Irish immigrants and their descendants
across decades as they become part of
and contributed to the middle class
American mainstream.

A. cultural adaptation
B. acculturation
C. assimilation
D. cultural pluralism

2.A child who recently arrived in
America from Bosnia has begun
requesting more pizza and Coke
suppers than she did six months
ago. She is now pressuring her
parents to allow her to go to
the American movies. This activity
signals the process of:

A. absorption
B. emergence
C. adoption
D. acculturation

Here are my answers. Please let me know
if either one is wrong.

1. (C) assimilation
2. (D) accultration

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    Correct on both.

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