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Cultural Diversity

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Can you help with this question?

Child-rearing practices in which children are expected to sleep alone,
toddlers are epected to self-feed,
and preschoolers are encouraged to compete and/or do their best are
likely to be contrary to beliefs and practices held by parents and guardians who belong to a/an:

A. American mainstream culture
B. individualistic culture
C. traditional collectivist culture
D. cross-cultural society

My text states:

Child-rearing practices in our mainstream culture are related to the individualistic orientation of the U.S.
which stresses independence. Newborns
are expected to sleep alone,toddlers are
expected to feed themselves,and preschoolers are encouraged to be competitive and to do the best they can.
Families from a traditional collectivist
culture emphasize inter-dependence
and the cooperation of the group as a
whole. The family sleeps together,
self-feeding occurs at a later age than
in individualistic cultures,and being competitive--to stand apart from the group--is considered inappropriate and
shameful behavior.

So, if I am reading my text correctly,
wouldn't the correct answer to my
homework question be:
(C)traditional collectivist culture

  • Cultural Diversity -

    Yes, according to your text.

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