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Question: cual de estos pantalones te gustan mas? Los verdes o los de cuadros?

Answer: Me gusta el verde mas pantalones

Question: Que chaqueta te gusta mas? Esta chaqueta gris o esa chaqueta parda?

Answer: Me gusta el gris mas chaqueta

are these correct answers - I am never sure of my tenses.

  1. SraJMcGin

    ¡Buenos días, Sam!

    Here is what you said for the first sentence: "I like the green more pants." Once again, word order and agreement of adjective in number/gender. Here is what you need: "Me gustan los pantalones verdes más." OR "Me gustan más los pantalones verdes."

    The 2nd is the same kind of word order/number problem. "Me gusta más la chaqueta gris." OR "Me gusta la chaqueta gris más." I like the first better because the adverbs ("más")usually go after the verb.

    You are having no trouble with the tense = Present Indicative.

    The verb "gustar" often causes problems for students. Do NOT learn it as the verb "to like" but instead "to be pleasing." Then it will make more sense that with ONE thing pleasing (chaqueta) the verb is singular, "gusta." But with 2 or more things being pleasing (pantalones)the verb is plural, "gustan." What you are actually saying is "The green pants (they) ARE pleasing to me." and also "The gray/grey jacket (IT) is pleasing to me.


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