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English composition

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1. I found that the printing states were so bad.

2. On account of linking sounds(liaisons), we can not hear what is said sometimes.

Are linking sounds and liaisons grammatical? Are Sentence 1 and Sentence 2 all correct?

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    In #1 -- you need to complete the thought. The "printing states were so bad" that _______________________. What was the result?

    In #2, I don't know what you mean by either "linking sounds" or "liaisons" nor do I understand why the latter is in parentheses.

    Also "On account of" needs to be changed to "Because of" -- it's less slangy!

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    Thank you.

    1. I found that the printing states were so bad that I decided to return the books.

    2. Linking soudes are as follows.
    e.g. I like him.
    In this sentence 'like him' is pronounced linking sound.

    Thank you for your help.

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    Ok, now for more questions:

    1. What are "printing states"??

    2. I still don't understand what you mean by linking sounds.

    Could these be what you mean??
    1. I found that the printing in the books was so bad that I decided to return them.

    2. Because of other sounds around us, we couldn't always understand what was said.


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