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Algebra-check my answers

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can you check my answers please?

Find the zeros for the polynomial function and give the multiplicity for each zero. State whether the graph crosses the x-axis or touches the x-axis and turns around, at each zero.

f(x) = 2(x - 2)(x + 4)^4
2, multiplicity 1, crosses x-axis; -4, multiplicity 4, touches x-axis and turns around

f(x) = 3(x - 3)(x - 6)^3
3, multiplicity 1, crosses x-axis; 6, multiplicity 3, crosses x-axis

f(x) = -4(x - 5)^3
- 2, multiplicity 1, touches the x-axis and turns around; 5, multiplicity 3, touches x-axis and turns around

  • Algebra-check my answers -

    first two right, last one wrong. How do you get a solution of x=-2?

  • Algebra-check my answers -


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