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Four penguins are being pulled along very slippery (frictionless) ice by a curator. The masses of the three penguins are given below and so are two of the tensions. Find the penguin mass that is not given.


After drawing the free-body force diagrams, I was lost.

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    Write the equations

    222=(20 + 15 + 12 + M)a
    111= (12+M)a

    so solve it, two unknowns, two equations. However, it is not that hard. There is another equation.
    222-111 =(15+20)a so solve for A here, then solve for M from above.

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    1. Which of the following is not an example of an energy transfer?
    1. A roller coaster being pulled to the top of the first hill
    2. A roller coaster standing still allowing people to get on
    3. A roller coaster falling down a hill
    4. A roller coaster coming to a stop at the end of ride

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    thank you so much! I think I just overcomplicated the problem. thank you for making it much easier!

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