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can someone please tell me how to solve problems like this>>>> 3/4q -7=8 3/4 is a fraction

Thanks for helping me

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    add your seven to both sides since it is subtracted.
    gives= 3/4q=1
    then divide by 3/4 on both sides because it is multiplied by q
    gives= q=3/4

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    The process is correct in Michele's post, but the math is faulty.

    3/4 q - 7 = 8 3/4

    Adding 7 to both sides gives you:

    3/4 q = 15 3/4

    You can either divide both sides by 3/4 or multiply by 4/3.

    q = (15 3/4)(4/3) = (63/4) (4/3)

    The 4s cancel each other out, leaving you with:

    q = 63/3 = 21

    I hope this helps a little more. Thanks for asking.

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