8th grade spanish

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I have to do a cross-word puzzle, but I'm not sure about the answer to one of them. It is a 9 letter word (in Spanish), and fits into this sentence:
Donde _____ (tu)esos sueteres nuevos?

Plese help!

  • 8th grade spanish -

    Thank you for using the Jiskha Homework Help Forum. Now I know you are doing a cross-word puzzle. If you are sure of the other blanks, you may have some of these letters already. If I knew your textbook, sometimes there are sites online by the publisher to help you. So, if you give me the title, level, publisher/author of your text, I'll look for you.

    Now I need to know if you have had the Past Tense (Preterit) because a "natural" would be "Dónde COMPRASTE esos...etc." Where did you buy/purchase those new sweaters.


  • 8th grade spanish -


  • 8th grade spanish -

    what is a four letter word that means hello in spanish

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