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Je d'accord parce que quelques gens préfèrent dormir jusqu' à l'après-midi. Quelques gens sont des couche-tard.

Je ne pas d'accord parce que quelques gens plutôt feraient la fête la nuit et ils ne seront pas attentifs. Quelques gens sont des oiseaux premiers. Ils travaillent plus dur dans la matinée.

I agree because some people prefer sleeping until afternoon. Some people are night owls.

I disagree because some people would rather party at night and they will not be attentive. Some people are early birds. They work harder in the morning.

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    Thanks for using the Jiskha Homework Help Forum. Another "thank you" for including the English so I can be absolutely certain of what you wish to day.

    Je SUIS d'accord...... sont des noctambules (colloquial)

    Je ne SUIS pas d'accord......"plutôt
    ,ogjt be better after the verb
    feraient. "Early birds" = des matinaux. CAUTION = trying to "literally" do the vocabulary. Many people drop the "dans" for "in" the morning.

    Secret to using a dictionary:
    1. look up the English word and write down EACH possibility in French. (no short cut!)
    2. look up each French word, looking for the primary English meaning. You might get big surprises!
    3. consider carefully the "context" or how the word(s) is/are used and select the best one.


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