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Calc-Based Physics

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Three Displacement Vectors of a Croquet Ball are shown, where A is 20.0 units at 90 degrees, B is 40.0 units at 45.0 degrees, and C is 30.0 at 315 degrees. Find:

a) The resultant in unit-vector notation.


b) The magnitude and direction of the resultant displacement.

Sorry guys, I seriously don't get this thing.

  • Calc-Based Physics -

    You are lost in the process of resolving a vector into components, then the addition of those components.

    Here is what I suggest. Go to the nearest college bookstore, or Barnes Noble, or such, and get the study guide

    Schaum's Outline Series: College Physics. There are a a number, I prefer the one for Scientists and Engineers. This will cost you about 18 dollars, it is first rate with good drawings, take a look.

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