Spanish/History for Laura & Carry

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Thank you for using the Jiskha Homework Help Forum. I've seen this question so many times lately, that I hope everything is on the following link:

  • Spanish/History for Laura & Carry -


    so how exactly did they mesh together???

  • Spanish/History for Laura & Carry -

    Please read through the many sites that SraJMcGin posted.

    We don't "give" answers but we try to show you where to find your answers.

  • Spanish/History for Laura & Carry -

    i know but i can't find the answer in those pages....

  • Spanish/History for Laura & Carry -

    Your instructor may be expecting you to read, understand, think, and then draw your own conclusions.

    Once you do that and have your response written up, please repost if you want someone to critique your thinking.

  • Spanish/History for Laura & Carry -

    Groups of people can mesh together by intermarrying, adopting some of each others' customs while keeping some of their own, or by retaining separate cultures.

    What do those web sites site about these ways of meshing together. Which apply to Argentina and Chile?

  • Spanish/History for Laura & Carry -

    Laura, please look at the latest posting!


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