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WHAT'S THE OVERALL TONE OF THE CASK OF AMONTILLADO? And 10 examples that support the tone. well i don't want all ten i just need like 4 or 5 examples to get me started


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    Thank you for using the Jiskha Homework Help Forum. Here are some sites on this short story:

    1. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/The_Cask_of_Amontillado

    2. http://www.enotes.com/cask-amontillado/

    3. (Broken Link Removed)

    Be sure you have a good definition of the word "tone" as referring to Literature Terms:

    Tone expressesthe author's attitude toward his or her subject. Since there are as many tones in literature as there are tones of voice in real relationships, the tone of a literary work may be one of anger or approval, pride or piety-the entire gamut of attitudes toward life's phenomena. Poe's tales were of horror.

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