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If you have 78 and 104 what is the Least Common Multiples or (LCM)

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    What are multiples of 78? What are multiples of 104? Which one is the same for both? (The lowest one.)

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    Yeah sorry I did the GCF.

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    yeah welli ned the gcf
    and its due tommarow

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    no you have to find the least like 24 and 8 24 is the least common multiple for 8 and 24

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    ahhh, sorry, i'm thinking of greatest common factor.

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    its ok

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    13| 3,4
    2| 3,2

    2 x 13 x 3 x 4
    = 312

    Which is the LCM

    I think??

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    multiple not factor

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    Did I do it right by any chance?

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    can somebody make it clear please !!!!!!

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