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Please help me in figuring out my worksheet that says to follow directions in the order they are given.

1.Write the word solar.
2.Add the 5th letter of the alphabet to the left of each consonant.
3.Add the 5th consonant of the alphabet to the right of the last letter from the left.
4.Remove the 19th letter of the alphabet and replace it with the 14th letter of the alphabet.
5.Remove all vowels except the 2nd vowel of the alphabet.
6.Remove the middle e and replace it with the 2nd to the last letter of the alphabet.
7.Remove the 4th letter from the right.
8.Move the 4th letter from the right to the last position from the left.
*Explain how the first and last words are related.

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    And what is your question? The instructions seem clear to me.

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    there is a big sale at the mall today is that an adverb

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    Thank you for using the Jiskha Homework Help Forum. When you post under another post, no one might read it, thinking it is an answer to the first post. Be sure to use the "New Post" in that case.

    Which word is your question?
    today = adverb
    big = adjective
    sale = noun
    mall = noun

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