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how would I draw this compound?


I've tried it again and again but I can't seem to get the Cl on the 6th carbon while still having a 6 carbon chain of heptane

I drew it
so that

it was

I just can't figure it out..can someone help me?


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    heptane is a seven chain...

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    I know but the problem is when I have to fit the Cl on the 6th carbon...but I can't seem to do that without putting in too much carbons.

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    Take your structure in the first post and simply add CH3 at the end (substitute CH3 for one of the Hs on the CH2Cl. I THINK your problem is you are counting one of the dimethyl groups as one of the carbons in the chain for heptane.

    Check out my try and see if it has any flaws.

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