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need help with these two, please

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Given that loci A and B in Drosophila are sex-linked and 20 map units apart, what phenotypic frequencies would you expect in male and female offspring resulting from the following crosses? (Assume A and B are dominant to a and b, respectively).

A) AaBb (cis) female X ab/Y male
B) AaBb (trans) X ab/Y male
C) aabb female X AB/Y male

Question 2:
Assume that a cross is made beyween AaBb and aabb plants, and the offspring occur in the following numbers: 106 AaBb, 48 Aabb, 52 aaBb, 94 aabb. These results are consistent with which arrangement of genes?

  • need help with these two, please -

    If you put biology, or genetics in the subject title, you might be more successful getting someone to look and answer.

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