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I am not sure about the ordering of the words. Are the following correct?

Do you speak French?
Vous parlez francaise?

I speak a little French.
Je parle francais comme ci comme ca.

My mom speaks french too.
Ma mere parle francais aussi.

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    The first should be "Parlez-vous francais?"; the other two seem correct from my knowledge of Romance languages, but I don't speak much French and you should wait for someone who does to clarify.

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    Salut, Miche! Check the review on Interrogative or how to ask a question. Jack is correct in using inversion: Parlez-vous français? Remember the difference between "française = French female" and "français" the language.

    In the 2nd one you actually said "I speak French so so." To come closer to the English, you could say "Je parle français un peu."

    In the 3rd, often the adverb follows the verb. Thus, you could say "Ma mére parle aussi français" but yours is just as correct. Even "Ma mère aussi parle français." I like your sentence fine!


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    So actually the order of the words doesn't really matter in French?

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    Well, that would depend upon just how exact you wish to be! Of course, the ultimate authority is the Academie Française.

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    P.S. Le voilà:

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    P.P.S. Here is the "rule" for adverbs. Look at II, adverbs of frequency.

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