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MsSue, I know you have already helped me with this question--please read what my text states and then help me to understand.

Luis is being introduced to the finger play "Friends at Play." It is very likely that Luis will:

A) do the finger movements first.

B) learn the words first.

C) not participate if he doesn't
understand the words.

D) learn the words and movements

My text states:

When learning a finger play the child usually practices and joins in the finger movements before learning the words.Words can be retained by doing the play over and over again.
Finger plays use words and actions
Teachers should practice a finger play
and memorize it before hand to be sure of a clear and smooth presentation.
It should be offered enthusiastically,
focuing on enjoyment.
As with other activities, the teacher can say, "Try it with me." The child who just watches wil join in when ready.
Watching comes first,one or two hand
movements next, and then repititions,
using words and actions together.

I am confused over this question--

I know a child usually does movements first, but--
would (A) or (D) be the best answer?

help--i am confused!

  • Ms. Sue-- -

    (A) is the correct answer. Most children learn the finger movements before they learn the words.

    (D) can't be the answer because most children don't learn the words and movements at the same time (simultaneously).

    Your text states: "Watching comes first,one or two hand
    movements next, and then repititions,
    using words and actions together."

    Children watch first. Then they try the hand movements. Only after they've seen and heard the movements and words several times, do they attempt to repeat the words.

  • Ms. Sue-- -

    it would be A

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