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my teacher today during our Biology lesson said :

Diffusion occurs more easily in smaller organisms because they have a bigger surface area than theie volume from inside

But us humans , we have more problems id diffusing because we have a smalller surface area

I did not understand a word

can anyone give me an example and define it very well

it is about diffusion of things in organisms and ir is related to the surface area & volume


  • Biology -

  • Biology -

    As the size of an organism with a length scale L increases, the area available for diffusion increases in proportion to L^2, and the volume increases in proportion to L^3. The surface-to-volume area therefore decreases in proportion to 1/L.

    Smaller organisms therefore have less problem supporting the diffusion processes (such as temperature control, waste disposal and the transport of oxygen and nutrients) necessary to support their total body volume.

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