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I am having difficulty finding information on Chinese art that was controlled by the government. Any suggestions?

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    There are several good articles in here:


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    Scroll down to Peoples Republic of China to the Present.

    This site is interesting.

    (Broken Link Removed)

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    what do you mean by controlled? Banned, or sponsored? When?

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    The question states: The visual arts and literature within the Early Chinese civilization were controlled by the government. How did this control influence the development of art for the civilization? We are not allowed to use Wikipedia as the information in it is not always accurate.

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    Early Chinese is about as precise as a dating a river rock. However, from the content of the question, I suspect you are focused on the Ming dynasty, in the 13th century.

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    Even though you're not allowed to use Wikipedia, be sure to check out the links at the bottom of each webpage. They usually give you related (and sometimes more) information.


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