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Would example 4 be the best answer for this question?

When children ask for a book to be read,it is probably NOT because:

1. it is developmentally appropriate
2. they feel a sense of knowledge
3. they enjoyed the book
4. they are seeking to avoid undesirable

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    I would choose option 1 (not out of any knowledge in the subject but out of common sense telling me that children aren't going to ask for a story because it's Integral To My Development, but because they like learning, like the story, and like avoiding whatever else it is they could be doing instead of sitting around listening to you read).

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    Ok kids, we can clean the chicken house or read a book? Which?

    or OK kids, lets do something developmently appropriate, any suggestions?

    I suspect 1 does not enter a child's mind often.

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    I would agree with Bob on this one. I think #1 would be a good choice. May I ask in what context this was asked?

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    This is probably a question from an introduction to education class.

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