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Robby is sitting in the "Author's Chair." He would most likely be:

1.telling the class about Maurice
Sendak,his favorite author.

2.singing a song.

3.reading a story that he wrote.

4.reading"Goodnight Moon" to his class.

Would 3 be a better choice?

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    I don't think any of the choices answers the question.

    Most preschoolers can't read or write, so they couldn't "read" a story they "wrote."

    Since they are preliterate, these children probably couldn't tell about their favorite author or read any story to the class. Singing a song doesn't make any sense in this context.

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    We're curious about these preschool questions. What is the title of the course you are taking? For whom is it intended? Is this an introduction to education class for future teachers? Is this a class for future teaching paraprofessionals? Is this a class for future day care workers? Please satisfy our curiosity.


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    I am taking an introductory class
    for paraprofessionals. I have 3
    roomates--,whom are studing the same thing.

    As for the question, I as well as my roommates are confused over this question. We just neeed advice.

    I know they would be using picture books. Our text states:

    Early childhood programs that promote poetry,child dictation, storytelling, and authorship can institute an author's chair. Children are invited to share their own efforts or share a favorite or brought to school picture book.

    What do you think?
    Neither of us know,but we assume it's
    (3)reading a story he wrote.

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    Thank you for explaining your class and your goals. :-) That information makes it easier for us to help you on this and future questions.

    You could be right about (3) reading a story that he wrote. But your text doesn't talk about reading and writing.

    I think (4) is the better answer. As I remember "Goodnight Moon," it has large pictures and few words. After a child had heard this story several times, s/he would have the words memorized. Then s/he could tell (read?) the story from the author's chair. The child would be sharing "a favorite or brought to school picture book."

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    the text does mention child dictation.
    Isn't that writing?

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    I don't think that dictation is the same as writing. Anyway, the child probably couldn't read the writing.

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    Child dictation is when the child dictates his/her story and an adult (teacher, aide, parent) writes it down. This is usually done in connection with a picture the child has drawn, but that's not absolute.

    Child dictation is done to allow children to see that their words can be put on paper and read back to them exactly as they said them. It's a very important first step before reading.


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