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what is the contraction in the following sentances?
>>>A mud hole is his favorite place,
???is it place? OR
>>>They say he's as smart as a dog,
???is it he's? OR
Am I way off? if so please give me an example

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    yes. The contraction is "he's", the word with the apostrophe denoting a missing letter "i" in "he is"

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    We often "contract" or shorten words in English. For example, we may say "he's" instead of "he is". Note that we usually insert an apostrophe (') in place of the missing letter or letters in writing. Here are some example sentences:

    I haven't seen him. (I have not seen him.)
    Who's calling? (Who is calling?)
    They're coming. (They are coming.)

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    Drwls and sandy are correct -- "he's" is the contraction in the second sentence.

    The first sentence has no contraction.


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