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Hi! I'm new here, but I have a quick question.

I have been trying to learn how to use words figuratively. My professor gave us a list of words and we had to define them literally, figuratively and contextually. I have the literal and contextual down pat, but when it comes to figuratively, I am at a lost. When I asked the teacher for help, all she could tell me was to use a point of reference and/or connect it to youself. I told her I didn't get that, but she repeated if five or six time so I gave up. Can some one help me?

The words in question:

effrontery, contrivance, serendipitous, ignominy, effeminate, inquietude, and mettle

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    When you are thinking "figurative", think of a simile that fits the image.

    For instance, "mettle" means being brave. A common simile for mettle would be " brave as a cage full of bears."

    I would suggest looking in the Thesaurus for the same kinds of animal type comparisons. Which of your words would also apply to the word "antsy"?
    If you need further help, please repost.

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    What do you think would work with "inquietude"?


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    RoRo, inquietude and "antsy" are perfect together... GREAT!

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