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I have a question as to how to separate my own opinion from what I have reasearched.
I seems that I have a actually blend this all together into a "harmonious" mix so to speak. I would like to learn how to separate this from personal opinion. The thing is that I have learned from my many many years of learning english that I should never use I, me, yours or any of the such that would refer specifically to oneself or another unless using their name in the sentence. I would assume that this would lead to the confusion as to what is my opinion and what is reasearched.

Any tips on how to go about this seperation?

Thanks =D

Let's start with your thesis statement. In your toothwhitening research paper, your thesis statement could have been something like, "Tooth whiteners have several disadvantages."

In the body of your paper, you could have reported on the information you found that showed these disadvantages. Don't include your personal opinions in a research paper.

In your conclusion, you can use such terms as "it appears that" to emphasize the facts that support your thesis.

Upon thinking about my essay, I can only say that my opinion was just the last sentence.

It was regarding the sentence:

"The bleaching agent hydrogen peroxide cannot be concluded to be safe unless future studies are done of which their duration lasts more than a year."

I actually based my conclusion on the studies that have been done,the duration of each, and the results that have been seen.

Should I say that
"It appears that the bleaching agent hydrogen peroxide cannot be concluded to be safe unless future studies are done of which their duration lasts more than a year..."

wouldn't that be over excessive?

I agree that your second statement would be excessive. Your original statement is good.

However, I'd reword it to say:

"The bleaching agent, hydrogen peroxide, cannot be concluded to be safe until observations lasting more than a year have been studied."

Thank you Ms.Sue =)

Um is the way I worded it before incorrect Ms.Sue?

Um is the way I worded it before incorrect Ms.Sue?

It's not incorrect, but I felt it would be more effective if it were shorter.


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