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The image of point (-3,5) when reflected in the y-axis is:

A.(5,-3) B.(5,-3) C.(-3,5) D.(3,5)

Hint: the Y value will be the same and the X value will change signs.

Here is a neat visual that will help you to understand reflections.

Take a sheet of graph paper, draw the x and y axes and plot the point (-3,5)

For a reflection in the y-axis, fold your paper along the y-axis and with a pin punch a hole at (-3,5).
Note the second hole in the paper, it will be the reflection in the y-axis

For reflections in the x-axis, fold along the x-axis

For reflections in lines such as y = 3x - 4, draw the line y=3x = 4 then fold it along that line, etc

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