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This is my assignment (actually a quiz)

You work at an accounting firm and you need to design a spreadsheet for a business customer's income and expenses. The business is divided into four departments: Sales, Marketing, Development, and Executive. Each dept. keeps track of its own financial activity, so you need to compile all of the information together to generate the company's tax information.

The only thing that you have to work with is each department's printed bank records, which include transactions in and out. The bank records include the date, the amount, and a description for each transaction. You must enter all of the records manually, and you must include each department's information in the workbook,as well as the totals for the entire company. You should insert column headers for the date, the amount, and the description columns. Then you need to generate subtotals in the Amount column for each department and the company as a whole.

Create the Exel workbook that you need to use for this assignment. Make up 10 transactions for each department, and enter them into the workbook according to the requirements listed here.

(I will need step-by-step instruction...thanks!)

Start doing it and ask on the part you're stuck on.


I got lucky and finally figured it out on my own. Got an A too!. Thanks for responding to my question,

Cool. Great job on getting it :)



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