Geography. plz help its urgent.

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Ok, so i was given an essay question to do.

In a well developed essay, list and explain the three types of immigrants that Canada accepts. Explain why the Canadian Government would want to allow such immigrants to enter into Canada.

Pleasee help. I know already the three types...but i don't kno the reasons about why Canada would want to let those types of immigrants to enter.
Sites would be quite helpful.


Canada has a lot of land area, but has a relatively low population density, do it has the physical space to accommodate many immigrants. I'm sure that Canada wants immigrants to fill important jobs that its own people can't do. Additional wage earners add more taxes to help pay for services for medical services, children, and the elderly. Canada's culture has been enriched by its many immigrants.

The three types of immigrants are independent immigrants, family immigrants and refugees.

I understand why Canada would want independent immigrants to enter....but why family immigrants and refugees?

Adult family members and refugees have skills that Canada needs. Also -- for humanitarian reasons, Canada wants the families of immigrants and refugees to immigrate. The U.S., in contrast, has received a lot of bad publicity lately by refusing visas to families and refugees.

Do you know any websites with information?

And thanks for ur help by the way.

Sorry. I looked or online information about why Canada encourages immigration -- and I didn't find anything useful for you. I suggest you reread your textbook to find the answer.

Ok. Thanks for trying.

You may want to try Google and then enter as the search term "Canada + immigration policy." (without the quotes).

I hope that this resource is helpful.

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