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Hello everyone

I know that when a force is applied it has to exert a force opossite

But this really is not in my head

can someone please give me an evidence or even a diagram showing how can we exert an opposite force if we are walking forwards

Thanks alot

When we are walking forward, we are in fact pushing the Earth backward. Therefore our feet are exerting a force backward and friction is in the opposite direction (i.e forward).

Another good example of opposite and equal reaction( Newton's third Law) is an object at rest on the ground. The object exerts a force on the ground (action) and the ground exerts a force on the object here called normal contact force (reaction). The two forces are equal and opposite. If the reaction was greater than the action the object would have penetrated the ground but this is not the case.

most objects are veiwed based on what kind of light?

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