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globol warming is frequently disscussed topic it seems that every time you turn on the tv or open the newspaper there is some mention of global warming and the effect it is having on the world's enviroment write a paragrah about the cause of global warming how are man's activities increasing the overall rise ijn the earth's temperatures list the consequences of our actions write a pargraph telling what we can do to mimize the damge cause by globol warming include solutions that you and your faimly can contribute to help the atmosphere

please help me i don't get it at alll!!! and it do tommorow thankz

walk, ride a bike instead of driving
elect people that are concerned about the environment and that have the power to control or contribute to issueslike global warming

next time your looking for a car , buy a hybrid
turn of the faucet when not in use.
plant a tree.

you r not marina counahan are u

nope i am not

Okay, thank God then.

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