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In the Doubles Game, students can win carnival tickets to spend on games and food. A player pays one ticket to roll two number cubes(six-sided dice). If the numbers match, the player wins five tickets. If a player plays this game 20 times, about how many tickets can he or she expect to win or lose? PLEASE!!!! HELP ME!!! I don't understand this problem THANKS!!!!

A student can expect to win 1 in every 6 tries. (roll one die, the probability of the second die matching the first, what ever it is is 1/6) So. the expected win is 5*(1/6) = .83333 tickets. If it cost a ticket to play, the expected loss per play is .83333-1 = -.16666. So with 20 plays, a student can expect a loss of 20*.1666 = 3.3333 tickets

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