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Gasoline accounts for 85% of the motor fuel consumed in the
United States every day. If 8,882 thousand barrels (bbl) of motor fuel is consumed
each day, how much gasoline is consumed each day in the United States? Round to
the nearest barrel.
Would his be correct?

10832 barrels

Now do some thinking. How could the bbl of gasoline be greater than the original number of bbl of fuel?

bblGasoline= .82*8882

Since gasoline is only 85% (or is it 82%?) of the total 8,882 barrels of motor fuel, the amount of gasoline consumed will be less than 8,882.

85% = .85

85/100 = x/8882

Multiply 8,882 by .85 (or .82, whichever is more accurate).

I hope this helps. Thanks for asking.

I hope this helps. Thanks for asking.

ohhh..I knew it didn't look right, I did not realize I was doing it backwards. Thanks alot!

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