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How do you rewrite this sentence : The article about American history stated , " The revolution began over a beer ( during Prohibition ) and ended with a bang

First of all, which revolution are you talking about. In US history, "the revolution" usually refers to the events in the late 1700s, while "Prohibition" occurred during the 1900s.

I'd write this:
The article about American history stated, "The revolution began over a beer and ended with a bang."
Notice that I removed some extraneous spaces.

Other teachers may have additional input.


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In college, I really got irritated at answer moochers, who showed no effort, and always asked others for "help". I never minded helping, or teaching, but giving answers away was irritating. I guess I deserved it though, going to a Party School then. I had to go elsewhere to get an education, and it paid off.

If you want to include the prohibition thought, you could remove the parenthetical phrase and add "illegal" as an adjective to "beer."

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