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I have a chart and I have to draw the structure,name the shape snd lable the bond angle of some compounds. I've done most of them but im stuck on a few so heres what I need.Please and thank you

structure of NF3
structure,shape and bond angle of TeCl2
bond angle of CCl4

CCl4 is symetrical so the bond angles are 109.5 degrees (actually, 109o28" but the 28 minutes is ALMOST a half (30/60) would be 0.5.
NF3 is tetrahedral electronic geometry or trigonal pyramidal molecular geometry. The F-N-F bond angle is 102o .
Some sites say TeCl2 does not exist but wikipedia has a m.p. and a b.p. listed for it. No structure and no bond angles. I would think the structure would be akin to H2S or SF2 which are AB2U2 type molecules which makes it tetrahedral electronic geometry or angular molecular geometry. The XTeX would be close to 900 I would think but I can't confirm that.
The H2S angle is 92 degrees, the H2Se is 91 and H2Te is 89.5. Note as the size increases the angle approaches 90.

I wrote 109o28" when I meant 109o28' . I called it minutes but " means seconds while ' means minutes.

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