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I am currently looking at Touch Football and creating a training program for Touch football. The training program needs 2 last for 8 weeks and needs to help improve performance. Using training principles and periodisation i have to develop a program including skill sessions. I also have to identify the different relavent fitness components, principles of training, training methods, physology of training and periodisation of training relative to touch football.

Any information on this would be of much help.

thanks so much

Jarrad Page


The first three in these search results may give you some ideas.


For safety sake, I recommend flag football. It eliminates arguements, and unnecessary rough touching. And if the game is mixed genders, it eliminates many "touching" problems from overly influenced testerone dominated lads.

Fitness components? Use your own thinking, but general stamina, cardiovascular fitness, and leg strength surely will be important. Training on a daily basis will likely work best, check that. I am not certain hand to eye coordination can be trained, however practice is important (catching football). Flexibilty training will be important to reduce injuries. Lots of folks doing occasional football have pulled muscles, or strained muscles.


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    lots of endurance work is needed for touchfooty.specific skill training such as drives,passing, switching and drills at least 2 times a week will greatly improve performance for competition and i found that running atleats 3km twice a week enhanced my endurance capacity and fittness, hnce improving my cardiovascular fittness for performance at junior state cup.

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